ECOC 2024 invited speakers

Name Title Affiliation Country
Cristian Antonelli Space-division multiplexed transmission from the lab to the field Università degli Studi dell’Aquila Italy
Stefanie Barz Quantum Communication Systems  University of Stuttgart Germany
Rajiv Boddeda Current State, Prospects, And Opportunities for Reaching Beyond 100Gbps Using Coherent Optics in Satellite-Ground Communications Nokia Bell Labs
Antonella Bogoni Microwave Photonics Radars Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies Italy
Rene Bonk The road towards 100 and 200 Gb/s PON. Nokia Bell Labs
Devin Brinkley Terrestrial Free Space Optical Communications X Taara USA
Jose Capmany Perspectives in programmable photonics (focus on algorithms) Universidad politécnica de Valencia Spain
Filippo Cugini P4 programmability in support of the edge continuum CNIT- National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications
Eleni Diamanti continuous-variable quantum key distribution  CNRS France
Daniel Elson O-band coherent DWDM transmission supported by BDFA KDDI Research, Inc. Japan
Chris Fludger Advances in power optimized coherent transceivers for Metro-Edge and DCI applications Infinera Germany
Fernando Guiomar Can DSP mitigate the effect of turbulence on FSO signals? Institute of Telecommunication, University of Aveiro Portugal
Kristinn Gylfason Opportunities for Mechanically Actuated Photonics KTH, Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Zhixue He Beyond 150 terabit per second S+C+L transmission over ultra-wideband anti-resonant hollow-core fibre Peng Cheng Laboratory, Shenzhen China
Kazuhiro Ikeda Large switching fabrics enabled by silicon photonics AIST Japan
Jonathan Klamkin Quantum Dot Lasers on Silicon by Heterogeneous Integration University of California Santa Barbara USA
Jasper Krauser Quantum Communication in the Aerospace Industry  AIRBUS
Christina Lim Optical-Wireless Convergence: Radio-over-Fiber Technology University of Melbourne Australia
Ruben Luis High Data-Rate optical transmission in Multi-Core/Multi-Mode Fibers National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Japan
Mikael Mazur SDM transmission using real-time DSP Nokia Bell labs USA
Vitaly Mikhailov Bi- Doped Fiber Amplifiers OFS Laboratories
Shu Namiki Optical switching challenges for disaggregated computing National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Japan
Katherine Newell Free-space Optics for Communications at Sea Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab USA
Ruby Ospina DSP-based MDG Estimation for Optical SDM Nokia Bell Labs
Chris Roeloffzen Hybrid Integrated Microwave Photonics for Multi-Beam Antenna applications LioniX International
Fabienne Saliou Future converged fixed/mobile access networks in the 6G era Orange
Markus Schmidt Liquid‐Core Optical Fibers Friedrich Schiller University Jena Germany
Matheus Sena Link Tomography for Optical Network Monitoring Deutsche Telekom AG
Wei Shi Silicon microring IQ modulator PICs for 1Tbps Universite Laval France
Jesse Simsarian Future Transport Network Scaling and Automation Nokia Bell Labs, NJ, USA USA
Daiki Soma O+S+C+L+U-Band DWDM Transmission Using a Deployed Fibre-Optic Cable KDDI? Japan
Richard Taylor Illuminating Tomorrow: Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers (PCSELS) Advantages and Pitfalls Vector Photonics Limited UK
Ricard Vilalta Applying Digital Twins to Optical Networks with Cloud-native SDN Controllers Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)
Jean Pierre von der Weid Long Term Monitoring of Fiber-Optic Submarine Networks Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Cheng Wang Integrated lithium niobate microwave and millimeter-wave photonics City University of Hong Kong China
Yingying Wang Hollow core fibres: Design, Fabrication and Characterisation Jinan University
Alexander White Integrated passive nonlinear optical isolators Stanford University USA
Felix Wissel Pan-European QKD Deployments within the EuroQCI Initiative  Deutsche Telekom AG Germany
Tiejun Xia Next-Generation Carrier Networks: Leveraging Fiber Sensing Applications Verizon USA
Mian Zhang LNOI modulators Harvard – Hyperlight USA
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