10th International Symposium for Optical Interconnect in Data Centres

This year as part of 50th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2024) in Frankfurt, we invite you to attend the 10th International Symposium for Optical Interconnect in Data Centres on Tuesday 24th September 2024.

Hyperscale data centres are undergoing a new paradigm shift with the rapid proliferation of Artificial Intelligence, which will require disruptive innovations in optical interconnect, in particular to address the power consumption bottleneck, which is the deal-breaker for AI system providers.

Energy efficiency is being addressed at different levels in the hyperscale hierarchy from novel WDM architectures, immersion cooling, optical and neuromorphic computing to ultra low-power optical phase change materials including EO polymers. We will also hear about the latest advances in Co-Packaged Optics vs Linear Drive pluggable optics.

Reliability is also critical with the increasing adoption of Quantum Dot lasers in mainstream transceivers.

Furthermore quantum technologies are making their home in hyperscale environments through Quantum Computing As A Service and quantum cryptography to safeguard critical communication to and from the data centre.

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are the critical enabling technology throughout and we will hear on the latest advances in PIC technologies.

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